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Simple Professional Website Design

Efficient, Flexible Web Page Design with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) offers you an opportunity to keep your content and design elements separately. The separation allows us to include more meaningful content on every webpage, Web pages designed with CSS utilizing Web Standards often provide rich look with more presentation elements than older table-based Web sites.

Why use php/CSS?

Ease of Maintenance - A web site designed using CSS allows the design elements for an entire Web site to be changed in a single file.When you need to make repeated changes from different pages, it becomes easy to edit throughtout the paragraphs within few minutes or even in seconds. Larger the web site, greater the benefits of working with CSS will become.

Search Engine Visibility - By removing unnecessary tags, such as table tags, break tags and unwanted comments.Then the actual Web page content may become more readily apparent to search engines like Google.

Accessibility - Though switching to CSS does not necessarily result in more accessible pages, at the base it allows a skilled designer to remove unwanted codes and leave clues for those who use assistive technology to view your web pages.