Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are those applications that run Desktop or laptop computer. The term is used either to contrast such "native" applications with Web-based applications that also run in the same computer, or to contrast personal computer applications with mobile phone applications.

Desktop applications can be of various types, like

  • Client Server Applications
  • Thin Client Applications
  • Thick Client Applications
  • Smart Client Applications

Desktop applications can be created in various technologies. We also provide our services for desktop application either as a part of enterprise solution or specific solution in multiple technologies.

Lot of times, we come across a problem statement as to whether the solutions should be a desktop application or a web application. Well we devised out a simple rule in order to do away with the complication. We have highlighted some of these aspects below:

  • You want your application to be available to the user without being connected to the internet
  • Your application should work in your own UI and not get restricted by the limitation of a browser
  • Browsers often crash
  • Opening of multiple tabs and viewing different websites reduces the performance of your application
  • You want your application to be accessible outside the boundary of a browser
  • You want to utilize and take advantages of system resources
  • You want to utilize raw processing power of the clients system
  • Any tweaks or handling of applications speed and performance are better managed in a desktop application rather than a web application
  • In a browser based applications you get limited to using limited resources
  • You want a widget running on the desktop
  • Widgets are the new craze, which provides flexibility to the user to view something quickly. But sometimes these get resource intensive and memory hungry.
  • You also get flexibility to dragging files from your local file system and take them to a widget. Isn't it flexible!
  • You can remove it whenever you want and install it back when you think you need it again.

What we do:

  • We design, develop and maintain Desktop applications that are effective, easy to use, scalable and easy-to-maintain.
  • Our applications facilitate enhancements that are modular. We have been able to achieve this because our architectures are robust, scalable and manageable.
  • Our Desktop Applications development spans several programming languages like
  • Traditional VB 6.0
  • .NET both using C# or VB.NET
  • JAVA based desktop applications
  • Our applications are secure, because we have a lot of thrust on architecture, design and security
  • Our applications take care of globalization
  • Legacy Application Migration to latest technologies